Nine MARE researchers between the best of the world


Elsevier has published a new list this month, identifying the most influential researchers in the world. This annual study, conducted by Stanford University, evaluated a large group of approximately 210,000 researchers in the category of "high-impact researchers in 2022" and 205,000 researchers in "most influential and high-impact throughout their career." Nine researchers from MARE stood out in the list of high-impact researchers in 2022: in the field of marine biology and hydrobiology, Bernardo Duarte (Faculdade de Ciências da Universidade de Lisboa), Rui Rosa (Faculdade de Ciências da Universidade de Lisboa) Verónica Ferreira (Universidade de Coimbra), Manuel Graça (Universidade de Coimbra) and Leonel Pereira (Universidade de Coimbra); in ornitolhology Jaime Ramos (Universidade de Coimbra) and Paulo Catry (ISPA); in the field of medicinal chemistry João Cotas. And one researcher in the field of ecology, the former director of MARE, J João Carlos Marques (Universidade de Coimbra), who stands out in the list of researchers with the most impact throughout their career (where Manuel Graça and Jaime Ramos mentioned above are also included).


A study coordinated by John Ioannidis, resulting in the "World's Top 2% Scientists list," highlights researchers who have contributed visibly to progress in their fields using citations from the Scopus database. The lists provide information about citations in scientific articles, index adjusted for co-authorship, and a composite indicator - the c-score. Separate data on career-long impact is also presented.

Since one of the essential goals of scientific research is to publish relevant scientific articles in quality journals, Stanford University (US) develops a set of metrics associated with peer citations that allow assessing the impact of what is published over the years by researchers from worldwide. Note that this list has been compiled since 2019, and last year, the four MARE researchers - Bernardo Duarte, Leonel Pereira, Manuel Graça, Rui Rosa, Jaime Ramos and João Carlos Marques - were already on the list.