"We must give voice to Science."

"Knowing to Explore an Ocean of Life and Opportunities" is the title of the article authored by the Director of MARE, Pedro Raposo de Almeida. The article talks about the sea - crucial for Portugal - the damage that humans cause to it, but also about "light at the end of the tunnel." There is hope. MARE's commitment to various studies and marine literacy activities is a path forward. It is already part of the solution. As stated, MARE has "remarkable results in both fundamental and applied research, with a clear commitment to establishing numerous national and international business partnerships, with a strong focus on innovation. This strategy enhances the valorization and sharing of knowledge with the private sector, maximizing socioeconomic impact at various levels."

"For centuries, we have used marine resources with a profound disrespect for natural values and with the unawareness and naivety of a child playing with fire. The result is evident to all, and nature is preparing to correct these excesses in a cruel and relentless way, as it has always done for millions of years. We still have time to mitigate the negative impact of our actions, but knowing beforehand that the inertia of the process we triggered prevents us from reversing the course of events in the short term," it states.

The article concludes with a strong call to attention: "We must give voice to Science, just as it happened during the Covid-19 pandemic. To know how to explore, we need to know and respect. We cannot protect what we do not understand."

You can read the full article on page 70 of Ingenium Magazine No. 181.