Teresa Mouga

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MARE - IPLeiria
Research group: 
Coastal Systems and Ocean
Research lines: 
Biodiversity and Ecosystem Functioning
Aquaculture and Fisheries
Biotechnology and Resources Valorisation

Activity summary

Taxonomic identification and ecology of marine seaweeds: monitoring of seaweeds on the portuguese coast, mainly central west. Cultivation of seaweeds: optimization of seaweed cultivation and scale-up. Seaweeds bioactive compounds: identification of metabolites, antimicrobial and antioxidant properties of seaweeds.


Projeto AMALIA - Algae-to-MArket Lab IdeAs - Adding value to marine invasive seaweeds of the Iberian northwest - EASME/EMFF/2016/ LIFE Berlengas - Conserving threatened habitats and species in Berlengas SPA through sustainable management, LIFE13 NAT/PT/000458. LIMO DO CAIS - Exploração sustentada dos recursos endógenos S. Martinho do Porto, MAR-04.03.01-FEAMP-0101. Blanco, A., Lemos, M.F.L., Pereira, L., Gaspar, R., Mouga, T., Neto, J.M., Troncoso, J.S., Olabarria, C., 2020. Mapping Invasive Macroalgae in the Western Iberian Peninsula: A Methodological Guide. Olabarria, C., Blanco, A. and Troncoso, J.S. (Eds.). Se Andrade, P.B., Barbosa, M., Matos, R.P., Lopes, G., Vinholes, J., Mouga, T., Valentão, P., 2013, Valuable compounds in macroalgae extracts, Food Chemistry 138 (2,3): 1819-1828. Ferreres, F., Lopes,G., Gil-Izquierdo, A., Andrade P.B., Sousa, C., Mouga, T., Valentão, P., 2012. Phlorotannins extracts from Fucales profiled by HPLC-DAD-ESI-MSn: Approaches to hyaluronidase inhibitory capacity and antioxidant properties, Marine dr Mouga, T.; Mendes, S.; Franco, I.; Fagundes, A.I.; Oliveira, N.; Crisóstomo, P.; Morais, L.; Afonso, C. Recent Efforts to Recover Armeria berlengensis, an Endemic Species from Berlengas Archipelago, Portugal. Plants 2021, 10, 498. Lopes, G., Silva, L., Sousa, C., Pinto, P., Andrade, P., Bernardo, J., Mouga, T., Valentão, P., 2012, Can phlorotannins purified extracts constitute a novel pharmacological alternative for microbial infections with associated inflammatory conditions?