Blended Intensive Program - Ecological Restauration for Ecosystem Sustainability

The University of Évora is organizing a Blended Intensive Program on ecological restoration for ecosystem sustainability, to be held in several sessions both online and in person, between June 17 and September 20.  This program is organized by a consortium that counts with the partixipation of Carlos Alexandre and Pedro M. Anastácio, both reachercers at MARE..

Ecological restoration is a relevant science and a key practical tool for biodiversity conservation, that aims to recreate, initiate, and accelerate ecosystem recovery after being altered or degraded by disturbances. There is a pledge and a growing demand for ecological restoration actions, framed in several European policies, which will require well-trained, qualified professionals. This BIP is designed to provide skills and competencies to better understand ecological and conservation complexity and to integrate analytical and operational skills in the implementation of restoration plans.


Applications until April 12 HERE 

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More informations about the Blended Intensive Program :
The University of Évora jointly with the University of Extremadura, the Wroclaw University of Environmental and Life Sciences, the Atlantic Technological University (ATU, Ireland), the University of Parma (UNIPR), and the University of Angers (UA) offer their students the opportunity to participate in a Blended Intensive Program. The Blended Intensive Program is officially approved by the EU in the framework of the ERAMSUS+ 2021/2027.
BIPs are one of the new and innovative formats of student mobility introduced by the new Erasmus+ 2021-2027 Program. These programs, jointly developed by multiple higher education institutions, feature advanced and innovative pedagogical approaches that combine short-term face-to-face (physical) mobilities with virtual learning.
BIPs are inherently transnational and transdisciplinary, as curricula are developed and taught together by partner institutions in different countries. The combination of in-person and virtual learning spaces allows students and professors to experience and exchange highly collaborative, challenge-based, and research- steeped methods of teaching and learning.

Monday, 17 June, 2024 to Friday, 20 September, 2024