The report "Dolphins in the Tejo: for a healthier estuary" is out

This Monday, ANP|WWF-Portugal presented the report "Dolphins in the Tejo: for a healthier estuary". This report resulted from a partnership with MARE, namely with the researchers Marisa Batista and Susana França (MARE-ULisboa) and with Ana Rita Luís (MARE-ISPA), and had the support of the Oceano Azul Foundation, has been funded by Carlsberg Portugal. The water quality of the Tejo River has improved, which means there is more fish for dolphins, which have been visiting the estuary, concluded the researchers in this study. However, despite the improvements of the last 30 years, the Tejo estuary isn't in its best environmental situation yet. One of the main recommendations is to create a Monitoring Commission for Tejo Estuary, which unites all people to ensure a healthy estuary, which plays a fundamental role in the conservation of nature and its biodiversity.

You can read the report here