Plano Operacional de Monitorização e Gestão de Peixes Anádromos em Portugal
Start year: 
End year: 
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Principal investigator: 
Pedro Raposo de Almeida
MARE coordination: 
Pedro Raposo de Almeida
Participating Institutions: 
Universidade de Évora, AMAR São Pedro – Associação de Mar e Rio de São Pedro, FIGPESCA – Associação dos Pescadores e Armadores do Centro Litoral, VIANAPESCA, OP – Cooperativa de Produtores de Peixe de Viana do Castelo
Funding entity: 
Mar 2020

The main objective of this project is the implementation, in Portugal, of a program focused in the monitoring and sustainable management of fishing activities directed to anadromous fish species, a highly valuable fisheries resource, both from socioeconomic and conservation perspectives. Within this operation, we plan to implement an efficient method to collect data from the main areas where these species are captured, based on information provided by commercial fishermen, and posteriorly validate this data with the official landing records independently collected from responsible entities, which will allow to obtain reliable information that can be used in future management and production models. The project also aims to promote a bidirectional transference of knowledge between scientists and commercial fishermen to implement good practices guidelines that can protect this resource and, simultaneously, encourage fishermen to take part in a network where fisheries regulations will be defined for the sustainable exploitation of this resource.

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