Plastics. A big problem are the plastics

We are in the most appropriate month (Plastic Free July) to address this issue - plastics. The marine environment is not healthy, and plastics and microplastics are major contributors. MARE researcher João Pequeno discussed this matter with Observador. Completely cleaning the ocean is 'an impossible task,' as 'most human activities will have ocean pollution as a direct or indirect consequence,' states the researcher. However, he emphasizes that we must take action:

'In addition to the impossible task of effectively cleaning the ocean, the main threat is the continuous increase in the consumption of products and goods, and the failures in processing these products at various stages of their life cycle, from production to use and final disposal,' explains the researcher in the interview.

It is crucial to understand that human activities pollute the ocean and what we can do to reduce this pollution in our daily lives. Ocean pollution impacts everyone - from marine to terrestrial animals, and even humans.

The researcher concludes that it involves reducing product consumption and rethinking production. It is concerning that looking into the future, projections show an increase in plastic production and consumption. It is important not to think that individual efforts do not matter because they do. A lot.

He also emphasizes the need for more scientific research and the communication of information to the public, as everyone is a stakeholder in this matter. It is essential to protect our ocean and prevent economic interests from prevailing once again, avoiding making the same mistakes we made on land.