Investigadores visitam navio oceanográfico da Marinha Real Britânica HMS Scott

On November 19, Federico Ienna, researcher at MARE-FC.ID, and Catarina V. Guerreiro, researcher at MARE/IDL and member of the College of Polar and Extreme Environments of the University of Lisbon (POLAR2E) visited the British Royal Navy oceanographic vessel HMS Scott, named after Antarctic explorer Robert Falcon Scott. The HMS Scott is the largest oceanographic research vessel in Western Europe, equipped with the modern High Resolution Multi Beam Sonar System (HRMBSS) through which it is possible to collect information on the morphology of the ocean floor over a range of several kilometers. Several national researchers were also present at the event, as well as representatives of the Hydrographic Institute of the Portuguese Navy, and the director of IPMA, Miguel Miranda. The visit aimed at stimulating bilateral relations between Portugal and the UK, as well as the opportunity to initiate the UK's participation in the United Nations Conference on the Ocean to be held in Portugal, in 2022.

Catarina Guerreiro



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