Nova call for papers on Frontiers in Marine Science

There is a new call for articles in the magazine Frontiers in Marine Science on the theme indicated by MARE - Aquatic and Environmental Sciences, Oceanography and Water Science and Technology.


This topic was proposed by the coordination of the ULisboa pole, in order to cover a multitude of lines of investigation by MARE members, also counting on the collaboration of external editors, and open to other contributions within the objectives of the topic, which are quite comprehensive. :


"In order to cover a wide range of scientific areas within the topic of coastal and transitional marine waters, this Research Topic aims to address emerging issues, developments and perspectives on, (but not restricted to): Biodiversity and Invasive Species, Marine Protected Areas, Marine Ecotoxicology, Sustainable Fishing, Aquaculture, Coastal Ocean Observation, Climate Change and Mitigation Strategies, Habitat Restoration, Omics, Blue Innovation, Literacy and Blue Governance. All types of manuscripts covered by Frontiers in Marine Science are welcome. "


Important data:

Abstracts submission: October 20, 2020

Manuscript Submission: February 17, 2021