MARE projects highlighted on National Final Exam of Biology and Geology

The Biomares / InforBiomares project was subject on Text 2 of the National Final Exam of Biology and Geology. The text, that focus the biodiversity of the Professor Luiz Saldanha Marine Park (PMPLS) - protected marine area of ​​the Arrábida Natural Park (PNA), expounds the project that was implemented to preserve and recover biodiversity in one of the greatest known biodiversity areas in Europe.

It must be understood that Biomares was a Life project (2007-2011) developed in a consortium led by ISPA (MARE pole) and CCMAR, which has gone through several phases, and which is now a POSEUR project called InforBiomares (2018-2020).

Question 15 also focuses on MARE investigations, referring to the article Reproductive trade-offs in a temperate reef fish under high pCO2 levels, published by researcher Ana Faria. This study was carried out in order to investigate the effects of acidification on marine fish, due to exposure to high levels of partial pressure of CO2 (pCO2), on the reproductive capacity of the species Gobiusculus flavescens.