MARE researcher Mário Cardoso Mendes is going to be member of the Advisory Council of Acta Paleobotanic in Polish Academy of Sciences

The Polish Academy of Sciences appointed MARE researcher Mário Cardoso Mendes as member of the Advisory Council of Acta Paleobotanic, for four years.

“I confess I was pleased with the recognition, mainly because a faraway country remembered a Portuguese that despite the adversities has been clearing the way, trying to unveil the past to understand the present”, explains researcher Mário Cardoso.

"The Polish Academy of Sciences (Polish Academy Nauk) is very close to the Swedish Academy of Sciences (Kungliga Vetenskapsakademien) and aims to promote Natural Sciences by strengthening its community with society". And he concludes: “As a member of the Consultative Council of Ata Paleobotanic, I’ll have an active participation with the editorial panel and his international affirmation in the academic and scientific environment. In addition, I’ll participate in international meetings and document panels, inside and outside the European space. I hope I’ll be up to it!”