CAPonLITTER - the project that aims to prevent marine litter

Between 23th and 24th October, in Lisbon and Sesimbra, the CAPonLITTER European project was launched. This project aims to improve policies and practices that prevent the generation of marine litter resulting from tourism and recreational activities in coastal areas.

The project involves authorities and organizations from Portugal, Spain, France, Croatia, Greece, Bulgaria and Germany, territories where coastal tourism has a substantial economic importance, but where marine litter also puts strong pressure on local infrastructure and can generate a large amount of untreated waste.

Thus the project proposes to: improve the performance of waste indicators in critical areas of coastal zones by strengthening policies that regulate or promote the management of this problem in bathing areas and in services associated with recreational events; improve management of critical items through packaging management policies and other single-use items, which are the most common types of marine litter, and involve key actors, raise awareness and promote responsible conduct with coastal authorities, users and economic activities, in particular those related to tourism and recreation in bathing areas.