MARE researchers participate in an international oceanographic cruise

From left to right: Andreia Tracana, Giulia Sent and Carolina Sá - are the three young MARE researchers who are participating in the Atlantic Southern Transect (AMT29) program, which crosses the Atlantic from the United Kingdom to Punta Arenas (in Latin America). South) aboard the Discovery vessel. The ship, which departed from Southampton on 13th October with a destination scheduled for 26th November in Punta Arenas, docked this Tuesday in Ponta Delgada, where the photograph was taken. This is the 29th time that this program has taken place, wich the objective is to obtain a unique time series (1995-2019) in situ observations and remote observation of the structure and biogeochemical properties of planktonic ecosystems of the Atlantic Ocean, aiming to better understand the cycle of the carbon. The researchers are being supported by international projects taking place in MARE, in particular iFADO, AquaSado and Portwims.