MARE promotes courses of ocean literacy in Cape Verde

Teachers and researchers from MARE and the University of Cape Verde conducted recently two actions: a training and capacity building of trainers in the area of ​​Oceanic and Coastal Literacy, focusing on problems with Marine Trash. The session was held at the Faculty of Science and Technology of the University of Cape Verde on September 23rd. And another training and capacity building but for Teachers, which took place at the Salineiro High School (Santiago) on September 27th. This was coordinated by José Carlos Ferreira and Lia Vasconcelos (from MARE and DCEA - FCT NOVA) and had as trainers Cláudio Monteiro and Renato Monteiro (from MARE and DCEA FCT-NOVA), Euclides dos Santos (DGPA-UniCV) and António Barreto (Ecovision Cape Verde).