MARE will celebrate the International Day of Women and Girls in Science

MARE will celebrate the International Day of Women and Girls in Science with 42 researchers and 293 students.


An important day: the International Day of Women and Girls in Science. MARE could not fail the celebration of this day, which is celebrated annually on February 11, to highlight the important role that women play in the production of scientific knowledge. It’s important to raise society's awareness of the importance of breaking down barriers imposed by gender inequality, namely in terms of access to education and career progression.


This important day - the International Day of Women and Girls in Science - will feature 42 researchers and 293 students of three Regional Research Units (URI): University of Coimbra|MAREFOZ; Polytechnic of Leiria|CETEMARES and University of Évora. The activity to be carried out will be the commonly known Speed ​​Dating - brief and energetic conversations about the investigation.


Since the sea is an interdisciplinary research area, on this important day we took the opportunity to invite these scientists, from various research areas, and multiple R&D Centers to participate, associating ourselves with several entities.


By Regional Research Units


MARE-UCoimbra partnered with the Interdisciplinary Research Institute of the University of Coimbra, within the scope of the GendER@UC EEAGrants, Ri4C2 and Equal.STEAM projects, with the Municipality of Figueira da Foz, with the Portuguese Association of Women Scientists AMONET, with the Nacional Ciência Viva, and the Ciência Viva Club at the Figueira Norte School Grouping School in Figueira da Foz to commemorate this important day.

30 researchers from the different areas - Engineering, Physics, Arts, Chemistry, Health, Environment, Anthropology, Neurosciences - will talk to 236 students, from 10th to 12th grade, from Escola Secundária Cristina Torres in Figueira da Foz.

The activity, coordinated by researcher Zara Teixeira, will have the support of researchers Ana Bóia, Cátia Marques, Cláudia Moreira, Tiago Verdelhos, Carlos Gonçalves, João Fernandes, Diana Marques and Luís Resende, from the MAREFOZ Laboratory.



MARE-Politecnico de Leiria joined forces with the Escola Superior de Turismo e Tecnologia do Mar to commemorate this important day.

MARE researchers Susete Pinteus, Filipa R. Pinto, Silvia Lourenço and Joaquina Pinheiro from the areas of marine food resources, biotechnology and aquaculture will talk to 17 students from Escola Secundária de Peniche.

The activity is coordinated by Carmen Elias and Sónia Cotrim from MARE-PL.



MARE-UÉvora teamed up with GabIgual (Office for Gender Equality and Inclusion) of the University of Évora to commemorate this important day.

Eight researchers from the Sea, History, Arts, Health, Psychomotricity and Mechatronics areas will talk to 40 students of 11th grade at André de Gouveia Secondary School, in Évora.

The initiative has the support of Évora City Council and the Clube Ciência Viva of André de Gouveia Secondary School. The activity is coordinated by Mélanie Costa, a member of MARE-UÉ.



MARE-Madeira will have the support of 8 researchers from ARDITI, Madeira Ocean Observatory, D. Luiz Institute, Institute of Interactive Technologies (ITI) and NeuroRehabLab.

These researchers will talk to around 40 students from Achada's EBP1/PE about areas such as Marine Biology, Geophysics and Information, Sports Science, Marine Biology and Management, Psychology, Digital Media and Artificial Intelligence

The activity, in charge of researcher Sónia Costa, will take place at Ed. Technopole Wood.