MARE researcher Zara Teixeira was invited to join the DivECO team

The researcher will share coordination with Ruben Oliveira from Senciência and CE3c, in order to enrich this network with content related to aquatic ecosystems.

Did you know ecology is the study (-logy) of the environment (eco)? And that this science that studies the interactions of living beings with each other and with the environment is becoming increasingly relevant? Well, now you do!

That's why SPECO created in 2020, by its 25th anniversary, the DivEco - Network for Communication and Dissemination in Ecology. Share ecological values. Researchers, science communicators and popularizers, journalists, educators, artists, illustrators, musicians, filmmakers, writers, photographers, actors, producers who address ecology in work come together to mobilize the community. Now it's the time of MARE researcher Zara Teixeira to join the DivECO team and share coordination with Ruben Oliveira from Senciência and CE3c - Center for Ecology, Evolution and Environmental Changes. And why? To enrich this network with content related to aquatic ecosystems - MARE's "strong suit".

The researcher was invitated by the President of SPECO, Professor Maria Amélia Martins-Loução, and support will pass by DivECO, but also "by strengthening specific training actions through SPECO's Training Center, or other actions that seem appropriate to us," explains the researcher.

DivECO will continue the roundtable discussions on emerging topics and concepts that need to be discussed, disseminated, and rooted in the community. The conservation marketing and conservation culturomics topics, already showd, are an example. New topics will be defined, like photography and children's literature, whose sessions are expected in September 2023. In addition, the "Ask an Ecologist" initiative is also planned, inspired by the "Letters with Science" initiative, aimed at students in the 3rd cycle, and which has the support of CTT, Ciência Viva and the Directorate-General for Education.

DivECO also supports SPECO in fulfilling its annual plan of activities, in this context, it highlights support for the organization and celebration of Ecology Day, which the celebration this year's between September 13 and 17.
And speaking of Ecology Day: did you know you can participate in the activities or promote them? Now you do!"