LESLIE | Wreckage of a tropical cyclone in the Atlantic

Contributing increasingly to Ocean Literacy, MARE is participating on the 1st Festival totally dedicated to Ocean Literacy organized by European Ocean Coalition. It will be on 22th may, on the context of the European Maritime Day.

MARE will participate on Ocean Literacy Festival with the exhibition: LESLIE | Wreckage of a tropical cyclone in the Atlantic, targeted to general public and has came up within the project Universidade do Oceano, funded by Fundo Azul. The objective is to sensitize for the impacts of climate change on the coastal communities.

There was, in 13th october 2018, a  tropical cyclone, called Leslie, that has reached Continental Portugal. And on this exhibition will be revealed his impact on Figueira da Foz. Leslie was an ocean phenomenon thats has growth on the atlantic giving birth to a tropical cyclone on the portugese coast. It was the biggest storm in Portugal since 1842 that has caused 20 thousand disasters. The authors are researchers from MARE: Cláudia Moreira and Zara Teixeira.



Saturday, 22 May, 2021