MARE participates in the project DiadES, which intends to assess and enhance ecosystem services provided by diadromous fish in a climate change context

European researchers create partnership that intends to evaluate and promote the socioeconomic, ecologic and cultural importance of diadromous fish, natural resources    extremely vulnerable to climate change. 

Mare – UÉvora is partner in the project “DiadES - Assessing and enhancing ecosystem services provided by diadromous fish in a climate change context”, where efforts were joint to understand the changes to the geographical distribution of diadromous fish in response to climate change, and the consequences to the goods and services provided by these species.   

This project is funded by the programme Interreg Atlantic Area of the European Regional Development Fund, with a total budget of 2.2 Million Euros, and will be implemented until 2022. The kick off meeting of the project was held in Dublin from 8 to 10 April and was attended by all Portuguese associated partners (APA, ICNF, DGRM, IPMA and AMN).

The several case studies included in the project were presented, including the Mondego river case study, coordinated by MARE – UÉvora, and methodologies to be implemented by the 10 beneficiary partners and the 20 associated partners were discussed. This project is leaded by IRSTEA (France), and has representatives from Portugal, Spain, France, England and Ireland.