III Fluviário de Mora Symposium

The III Fluviário de Mora Symposium will take place on April 6. In 2023, the event will focus on the theme of "Climate Change, Water Scarcity and their Impacts on Aquatic Ecosystems". It is organized by the Fluviário de Mora, the Municipality of Mora, MARE-UÉvora and ARNET.

Topics such as the "Impacts of climate change on aquatic ecosystems", "Water Management and Exploitation in the Context of Climate Change and Water Scarcity" and "Management, planning and awareness-raising solutions to the problem of climate change" will be debated.
The initiative will also include the awarding of the Young Scientist 2023 Prize and the presentation of the author's work, followed by a free visit to the Fluviarium.  

To take part in the symposium, which aims to connect the scientific world, society and the Fluviário de Mora, registration is required by April 4, using the online form.

Visit the Fluviário de Mora, where the river flows into the dream!



Saturday, 6 April, 2024