“All the microplastics that, in a certain way, remind us marine animals”

Filipa Bessa launched an exhibition about microplastics and participated in a working group (SAPEA) in support of the European Commission (SAM).


“Zooplastic: All microplastics that, in a certain way, remind us marine animals” is the name of the exhibition that is on Berlaymont, on the European Commission's, Brussels, about microplastics. The exhibition, that was inaugurated on 30th april, came from the launch of the report of the European Commission’s Scientific Advice Mechanism (SAM) Group “Environmental and Health Risks of Microplastic Pollution”. And this “confusion”, which Filipa Bessa, a research and biologist from MARE, University of Coimbra, translated into photographs, represent the compilation in such a way that even human being may confuse it with animals. The researcher, who has studied marine pollution, including microplastic has her photographs illustrating the cover of the report. In addition,  she was a member of the SAPEA Expert Working Group whose evidence review report informed the Advisors’ opinion.