Curso ‘Advanced methods to study litter decomposition’

‘Advanced methods to study litter decomposition’


13 – 17 July 2020

Coimbra, Portugal

It has been estimated that the percentage of carbon flowing through detritivore pathways is nearly 70%. The decomposition of organic matter is, therefore, an important ecological process in all ecosystems, from soil to estuaries, lakes and rivers. This course introduces several techniques used in litter decomposition studies. The course is aimed at post graduate students, young researchers and all those interested in the study of litter decomposition. Established researchers will conduct hands-on lab sessions based on the new edition of the Springer book 'Methods to Study Litter Decomposition' (eds: Bärlocher F., Gessner M.O. & Graça M.A.S.).



1. Measurement of enzymatic activities (b-glucosidase, phenol oxidase, phosphatase) in leaf microbial decomposers;

     2. Extraction and quantification of fatty acids from microbial decomposers in leaves;

     3. Manipulation of resource quality for invertebrate detritivores and stoichiometry;

     4. Use of qPCR to monitor fungal taxa during litter decomposition;

     5. Determination of temperature-normalized decomposition rates;

     6. Use of meta-analysis in litter decomposition studies.

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Monday, 13 July, 2020 - 09:00 to Friday, 17 July, 2020 - 18:00