CONNECT service demonstration session

As part of the CONNECT project, the "CONNECT service demonstration session - Use case #1, Tagus Estuary" was held at LNEC on March 13, where the CoastNet Research Infrastructure was represented. The CoastNet infrastructure aims to monitor some of Portugal's most important coastal ecosystems by collecting physical, chemical and biological parameters, obtained remotely and made available almost in real time.

Through its webSIG portal, the CONNECT project provides a local coastal monitoring service that integrates predictions from numerical models and observations to provide physical and biogeochemical data from Portuguese estuaries to the Copernicus Marine Service (CMEMS).. At this demonstration session, which included representatives from  Agência Portuguesa do Ambiente, Porto de Lisboa, Camara Municipal de Lisboa, DGRM, ICNF, Instituto Hidrográfico, IPMA e ANP/WWF, it was presented the CONNECT service applied to the Tagus Estuary. 


The CONNECT project is coordinated by LNEC and has MARE as a partner