What is known about the rivers of Portugal is now compiled in a book

Researchers Maria João Feio and Verónica Ferreira from MARE - Center for Marine and Environmental Sciences, University of Coimbra have just published the book Rios de Portugal. Comunidades, Processos e Alterações. 

In 17 chapters, more than 60 Portuguese researchers present what is known about the rivers of Portugal, from their hydrology and sediments, through the various communities that inhabit and the processes that take place on these ecosystems, to the alterations to which they are subject, measures to assessits impacts and restoration, ending with a chapter on estuaries and another on hot springs.

This book may be useful to anyone interested in the subject. It is written in a language that is expected to be accessible to the non-scientific public but maintaining scientific rigor so that it can also be used in an academic context.

Available here