Catarina Frazão Santos

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MARE - ULisboa
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Sistemas Costeiros e Oceano
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Risco Ambiental
Governança e Literacia
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Resumo da atividade

Catarina Frazão Santos is a Research Scientist and Lecturer at the University of Lisbon, a Researcher at MARE, and an Visiting Researcher at NOVA-SBE. Her research focuses on ocean planning, management and policy, aiming to develop interdisciplinary work to support ocean sustainability. She is currently leading a team of international scientists under project OCEANPLAN, on how marine spatial planning can be affected by, and adapt to global climate change.


Article: (2020) Frazão Santos C, Agardy T, Andrade F, Calado H, Crowder LB, Ehler CN, García-Morales S, Gissi E, Halpern BS, Orbach MK, Pörtner H-O & Rosa R. Integrating climate change in ocean planning. Nature Sustainability (in press). Member of the European-funded COST Action OceanGov: (2019) “Ocean Governance for Sustainability - Challenges, Options and the Role of Science” (ref. CA15217), Working Group 2 on Area-Based Management. Book chapter: (2019) Frazão Santos C, Ehler CN, Agardy T, Andrade F, Orbach M & Crowder LB. Marine Spatial Planning. In: Sheppard C (ed), World Seas: An Environmental Evaluation, Volume III: Ecological Issues and Environmental Impacts. Elsevier. 571–592. Best Early Career Scientist Presentation Award: (2018) Awarded by the International Council of the Exploration of the Sea (ICES) at the Anual Science Confere, with the work "Impacts of global environmental change in ocean planning and the Blue Economy". Project OceanPlan: (2018-2021) "Marine Spatial Planning under a Changing Climate", funded by the Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology (ref. PTDC/CTA-AMB/30226/2017). Article: (2018) Frazão Santos C, Agardy T, Andrade F, Crowder LB, Ehler CN & Orbach M. Major challenges in developing marine spatial planning. Marine Policy (in press). Article: (2016) Frazão Santos C, Agardy T, Andrade F, Barange M, Crowder LB, Ehler CN, Orbach M & Rosa R. 2016. Ocean planning in a changing climate. Nature Geoscience, 9: 730. Article: (2014) Frazao Santos C, Domingos T, Ferreira MF, Orbach M & Andrade F. How sustainable is sustainable marine spatial planning? Part I–Linking the concepts. Marine Policy, 49: 59-65.