Seminar “Emerging Toxins (& algae)”

Monday, 20th March – 15:30H @FCUL room C2.4.16

A joint Departamento de Biologia Vegetal (FCUL) and MARE-URILisboa Seminar


Dr. Philipp Hess

Director Research Unit PHYTOX (PHYsiology & TOXins of Harmful Algae)

Ifremer, France


Philipp will introduce the PHYTOX unit which has been created in January 2022 and he’s leading, the laboratories, objectives and approaches of this unit which is Ifremer’s only research unit dedicated to the study of harmful algae. He will then give an overview of the EMERTOX projet and an outline of Ifremer activities in this project. He will then give an overview of recent activities at Ifremer on the emergence of harmful algae in mainland and overseas France while putting these emerging algae and their toxins in a global context. The emerging micro-algae include both epiphytic and pelagic genera of dinoflagellates, haptophytes and cyanobacteria. Toxins discussed include brevetoxins, ciguatoxins, cyanotoxins, ovatoxines, pinnatoxins, prymnesins, tetrodotoxins and yessotoxines.


Short bio

Dr. Philipp Hess is Principal Investigator Phycotoxins, Head of Ifremer research unit Physiologie et Toxines des Microalgues Toxiques et Nuisibles (PHYTOX), and directs the French Research Network GdR PHYCOTOX – Ifremer, CNRS 3659 (

His research interests cover the biodiversity and ecological role of toxic algae as well as the detection, chemistry, diversity and impact of phycotoxins on the marine environment and human health.

Represents France on the Intergovernmental Panel on Harmful Algal Blooms (IOC-UNESCO) and communicates science to policy stakeholders through the Marine Board WG “Oceans and Human Health”, European Science Foundatio



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