add-value to ORCHards through thE full valoriSaTion of macRoalgAe

add-value to ORCHards through thE full valoriSaTion of macRoalgAe
Ano de início: 
Ano de fim: 
Tipo de projeto: 
Investigador principal: 
CAMPOTEC IN - Conservação e Transformação de Hortofrutícolas, S.A.
Coordenação MARE: 
Marco Lemos
Instituições participantes: 
IPCA; Limerick Institute of Technology; Vorarlberg University of Applied Sciences
Entidade financiadora: 
FCT - Fundação para a Ciência e Tecnologia; FEDER - Fundo Europeu de Desenvolvimento Regional
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The Project called ORCHESTRA, aims to develop alternative sustainable biological practices for intensive production of Rocha pear and Alcobaça apple, as well as for the conservation and distribution of these productions. The aim of this project is to develop bio-formulations to suppress the use of synthetic chemical products/additives to combat pests and nutrient deficiency, namely through a seaweed biorefinery to provide seaweed extracts with potential for pest control, resistance induction, plant fortifiers and, finally, with the final by-product, to improve soil quality. In addition to these pre-harvest challenges, long-term preservation of fruits will also be addressed to improve shelf life during storage and the distribution chain by maximising phytonutrients.