Quintas do MARE - Ana Pombo

Edifício CETEMARES – Peniche (MARE-IPLeiria)

Isco Vivo - Aquacultura de anelídeos poliquetas

Live Bait - Aquaculture of polychaete annelid

The present study was undertaken aiming the establishment of rearing conditions for Hediste diversicolor and other important species used as fishing bait and as food for marine fish broodstocks. Studies were developed with different species that might have high potential for aquaculture and commercial fisheries purposes. The rearing technology developed so far can easily be used by traditional aquaculture farmers supplying the bait market. These studies are targeted to have positive effects on sustainability of the Portuguese farming industry, both as substitute and as auxiliary product. Studies will also address broodstock management and correlate capture site and larval quality. The preliminary results regarding aquaculture potentials show that the entire life cycle of H. diversicolor can be accomplished in an aquaculture environment, with commercial extruded feeds both for broodstock and juveniles.

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