Tiago Repolho

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MARE - ULisboa
Research group: 
Coastal Systems and Ocean
Research lines: 
Biodiversity and Ecosystem Functioning
Environmental Risk
Aquaculture and Fisheries

Activity summary

My research focus is based upon the study of marine species biological response under a multistressor/driver environment and the use of molecular-based tools as a mean to study fundamental biological processes/mechanisms directly associated with marine species acclimation and adaptative potential to climate change. Additionally, I am interested in the development of technical advancements applied to integrated multitrophic aquaculture.


Jesus, T.F., Moreno, J.M., REPOLHO, T., Athanasiadis, A., Rosa, R., Almeida-Val, V.M.F. & Coelho, M.M. (2017). Protein analysis and gene expression indicate differential vulnerability of Iberian fish species under a climate change scenario REPOLHO, T., Duarte, B., Dionísio, G., Lopes, A.M., Grilo, T., Paula, J.R., Rosa, I.C., Calado, R., Caçador, I. & Rosa, R. (2017). Seagrass ecophysiological performance under ocean warming and acidification Rosa, R., Baptista, M., Lopes, V.M., Pegado, M.R., Leal, M.C., Calado, R. & REPOLHO, T. (2014). Early-life exposure to climate change impairs tropical shark survival. Rosa, R., Lopes, A., Pimentel, M., Faleiro, F., Baptista, M., Trübenbach, K., Narciso, L., Dionísio, G., Pegado, M.R., REPOLHO, T., Calado, R. & Diniz, M. (2014). Ocean’s cleaning stations under a changing climate: biological responses REPOLHO, T., Baptista, M., Pimentel, M.S., Dionísio, G., Trübenbach, K., Lopes, V.M., Lopes, A.R., Calado, R., Diniz, M. & Rosa, R. (2014). Developmental and physiological challenges of octopus (Octopus vulgaris) early life stages under ocean warming Rosa, R., Trübenbach, K., REPOLHO, T., Pimentel, M.S., Faleiro, F., Boavida-Portugal, J., Baptista M., Dionísio, G., Leal, M., Calado, R. & Pörtner, H.-O. (2013). Lower hypoxia thresholds of early life stages living in a warm acidified ocean REPOLHO, T., Costa, M.H., Luís, O.J. & Gago, J. (2011). Broodstock diet effect on sea urchin Paracentrotus lividus (Lamarck, 1816) endotrophic larvae development: Potential for their year-round use in environmental toxicology assessment.