Ana Pereira

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Research group: 
Estuaries and Coastal zones
Research lines: 
Biogeography, biodiversity and evolution
Ecology, behaviour and conservation
Featured publications

Joana I Robalo, Rita Castilho, Sara M Francisco, Frederico Almada, Halvor Knutsen, Per E Jorde, Ana M Pereira, Vitor C Almada. (2012). Northern refugia and recent expansion in the North Sea: the case of the wrasse Symphodus melops (Linnaeus, 1758). Ecology and evolution, 2, 153-164.

Vítor Carvalho Almada, Ana Martins Pereira, Joana Isabel Robalo, João Paulo Fonseca, André Levy, Carla Maia, Alexandre Valente. (2008). Mitochondrial DNA fails to reveal genetic structure in sea-lampreys along European shores. Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution, 46, 391-396.

Ana Martins Pereira, Joana Isabel Robalo, J Freyhof, Carla Maia, João Paulo Fonseca, Alexandre Valente, Vítor Carvalho Almada. (2010). Phylogeographical analysis reveals multiple conservation units in brook lampreys Lampetra planeri of Portuguese streams. Journal of Fish Biology, 77, 361-371.

Ana M Pereira, Cristiana Brito, Joana Sanches, Carla Sousa-Santos, Joana I Robalo. (2014). Absence of consistent genetic differentiation among several morphs of Actinia (Actiniaria: Actiniidae) occurring in the Portuguese coast. Zootaxa, 3893, 595-600.

Carla Sousa-Santos, Joana I Robalo, Ana M Pereira, Paulo Branco, José Maria Santos, Maria Teresa Ferreira, Mónica Sousa, Ignacio Doadrio. (2016). Broad-scale sampling of primary freshwater fish populations reveals the role of intrinsic traits, inter-basin connectivity, drainage area and latitude on shaping contemporary patterns of genetic diversity. PeerJ, 4, e1694. | Retrieved from