MARE Advanced Training Programme offers a wide diversity of opportunities for both under and postgraduate students. Candidates can benefit from the capacity of six universities associated to the research centre MARE and the seven research units with diverse facilities.

This programme comprises workshops and practical courses as well as MSc Courses, PhD and Postdoctoral Programmes, including Scholarships and Internships. Several members of MARE are lecturers and researchers involved in teaching courses of excellence and also in the supervision of MSc and PhD thesis on MARE’s research topics.

MARE Advanced Training Programme combines actions on specific scientific areas for which MARE has leadership in expertise and skills and more general ones that are extremely needed for young researchers from any scientific domain. Other opportunities are short-term courses and workshops given by visiting scientists and short to medium term internships for advanced training, during summer schools, organized by MARE, especially in the marine field stations.

This programme develops international cooperation for education and training and contributes to a new generation of scientists and professionals prepared for the Blue Economy.