Activities in Schools

MARE encourages and promotes the interaction of its researchers with schools and students through a series of activities. These activities take place at schools and aim at showcasing much of the research that takes place at MARE, and in particular highlight the ecological importance of marine and coastal ecosystems and of their services to society, bridging the current gaps on ocean literacy in the official school curricula.

In this context, MARE developed an educational program, "O MARE vai à escola" (MARE goes to School), which encompasses a range of activities carried out by MARE researchers with school students. These activities are in most cases short-term visits to schools and classroom activities in which researchers make a brief introductory lecture to the subject, followed by experimental and laboratorial activities or others of playful and educational nature. Major issues such as the biology and ecology of marine species, sustainable development, conservation, exploration and integrated management of marine resources and biodiversity of the oceans are explored.