Newsletter MARE October/2016



Rita P. Vasconcelos

Assistant researcher at MARE-UL

1. Key research areas:

-Measure and model patterns and drivers of biodiversity from local to global scales

-Assess value of coastal habitats and population connectivity for commercially important species

2. Major outputs:

-Identified global patterns and drivers of fish biodiversity in estuaries based on a meta-analysis: taxonomic diversity (Vasconcelos et al. 2015 Journal of Animal Ecology, Henriques et al. 2016 Journal of Biogeography) and functional diversity (Henriques et al. under review, Vasconcelos et al. under review).

-Estimated potential and effective value of estuarine nurseries for populations of commercially important fish species using multiple metrics (e.g. Vasconcelos et al. 2011 Ecological Indicators)

3. Future perspectives within the MARE context:

-Explore links between the multiple dimensions of biodiversity (taxonomic, functional and phylogenetic) and to ecosystem functioning and services

-Explore temporal changes in aquatic biodiversity

-Explore resilience of fish communities to anthropogenic pressures worldwide